Best Countries to Find a Wife – Meet a Pretty Single for Marriage

In the countries from the offered list, you will be surrounded by attention and love which you may not find on your lands. And all this in exchange for the willingness to take care of the new wife and her family.

What motivates these charming women? Basically, the desire to find a safe and calm place. For example, many eastern countries are not the most developed in the eyes of many. There are worse places where many want to escape. Keep in mind that many of these countries are popular primarily as sex tourism destinations. If you don’t want to marry a sex worker then avoid the tourist spots. Instead, head inland and get to know the local community.

Trust your new companion because whatever a new bride is counting on, there is always the possibility that she is just waiting for you and hope for a bright future. And if money can still be earned, then a broken heart is harder to fix.

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There are many tragic periods in the country’s history, for example, the Khmer Rouge regime and the accompanying genocide. This set Cambodia back several decades and made it one of the poorest Asian countries. Therefore, Cambodian women use every opportunity to leave as far as possible.

If you come across a woman you like, feel free to ask if she is married. Keep in mind that the “right” Cambodian woman will live and have sex with a man only if he proposes to her or at least declares his love.

To marry Cambodian brides, a man must be under 50 years old and earn approximately 973 thousand tenges per month. In practice, you can go to a neighboring country (for eg. Thailand) and get married there. Traditionally, a husband has to pay a ransom for the bride: from $1000 to 20,000 (depending on the family’s wealth and the girl’s education). Plus, the family will need to send financial aid every month which is about $100-300.


Indonesia is a specific country with patriarchal traditions in which a man is the main one in the family. A man here even has the right to take a second wife if the first cannot have children.

Since girls are considered a burden on the family, they are trying to marry them as soon as possible. A foreign groom does not even have to help the bride’s family with money. It is enough just to take her to him.

To increase your chances of success, look for a girl from a family with many daughters. Make friends with her relatives, prove that you are a good person who can be trusted and they themselves will persuade the girl to get married and help organize everything. You don’t need much money to live in Indonesia. So you have time to find yourself a good mailorderbride.

Remember that in Indonesia there is a rule that the bride and groom must have the same religion. Even if you are an atheist or an agnostic, you have to pretend to be a believer, otherwise, you will not be given a marriage certificate.

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The Philippines is another popular destination for sex tourists. This is not surprising considering that a night of love will cost you only $20. And, as you have probably figured out by now countries with a high percentage of prostitutes are surprisingly good at buy a wife.

If the easiest way to look for a girl for the night is in Manila, then it is better to leave the capital to find love for life. Travel through villages and small towns, meet girls you like and their families. Even the most beautiful of the local girls are very friendly to foreigners and ready to get married. Therefore, you have a good chance of finding a beautiful and intelligent wife who will happily return home with you.


Vietnam is in many ways similar to Cambodia with a large number of sex workers and a high percentage of the poor. Therefore, there is even a practice of marriages for money in the country. Men from other countries pay about $3200 to buy a wife. However, they may not date the girl until a wedding day. Still, this method has its drawbacks besides the moral aspect.

If you give money for meeting your future wife, then try to get married in Vietnam. Marriages contracted in other countries are not recognized there. Still, there is always a probability that your wife can run away from you to her homeland where she is a free woman.

In order not to buy people for the sake of marriage, you can find a translator and go to local villages. First of all, you need to please the bride’s parents. Feel free to ask if they need any help and how much money they are hoping to get.

Vietnamese women surprise with their dedication and care especially for a person who does not offend them. So behave like a gentleman and you can return to your home with a sweet and kind wife. Vietnam is the best country to find a foreign wife.


Romanians are some of the most beautiful women in Europe. At the same time, many of them have a good education but this does not help to earn money in a country with a bad economy. Romanians used to leave to work in the UK but because of Brexit, they began to return home to low wages and hard work.

Marriage is a good way out of the situation. Look for a girl who has already studied or worked in another country. Therefore, you will know that she is ready to move and will not get bored at home in a couple of months after moving to you.